Why Important?

As the business environment becoming increasingly more complex, Performance Coaching has become significantly more popular than ever. Coaching For Business Result Program is the development program that helps your leaders achieve business results. This coaching has been proved to be an extremely effective tool for today’s leaders to increase teams’ motivation and drive them towards a company’s business goals. Through strategic thinking, clear communication, proper follow-up & monitoring system, a leader with a coaching mindset can unlock new levels of performance in both themselves and their teams. With a focus on business performance, every participant will be able to define clear business goals, work on the strategies and apply all learning concepts to the day-to-day basis.
Leadership Mindset
Be a trusted leader by doing the right things & attracting others to follow you willingly.
Strategic Thinking
Capable of defining strategy that are aligned with organizational goals and improve team execution.
Coaching Skills
Capable of coaching can help with strategic behavioral change.


Develop Leadership mindset & behaviors
We develop participants’ leadership by creating self-awareness in both mindset and behaviors. Participants will understand how their behaviors impact team’s achievement. These behavior changes will finally create trusted and high-performance environment in team.

Develop Strategic Thinking
Participants will learn how to develop a strategic thinking mindset and create strategies to achieve business goals. They will work on the related information to generate the strategic insight, create the solutions and make the right decisions. Finally, they will transform those strategies into strategic team behaviors.

Develop Coaching skills, mindset & process
Participants will learn and practice the essential coaching elements, coaching mindset, skills and process. They will apply this coaching concept to effectively coach their team to practice strategic behavior during the program.


Strategic Behavior

  • Understand strategic behaviors : key success factor to achieve goal.
  • Practice tools for finding strategic behaviors.
  • Set up strategic plan & inspire team.
  • Behaviors shaping techniques.

The Art of Coaching

  • What is coaching and how coaching works
  • Key success factors of coaching
  • Understand foundation of coaching

Understand Coach’s Key Components

  • Leadership : being trusted leader
  • Coach Mindset : mindsets for effective coaching conversation
  • Coaching Skills : coach’s actions (ask, listen and telling stories)
  • Coaching Process : T.R.U.S.T. coaching process

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