In uncertain world, a cross-functional team encourages the exchange of ideas and perspectives, which can lead to new and innovative solutions to problems and challenges. Organizations, on the other hand, must ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the organization's vision, goals, and objectives and are working toward them in a coordinated and efficient manner.


  • Emotional Management: To improve rapport and gain the trust of colleagues by using proper communication.
  • Team Relationship: To avoid mistakes and conflicts that may result from misinterpreting others or ineffective listening.
  • Effective Communication: To be the effective communicator: observe, listen, analyze, plan, and communicate.


Effective Cross Functional Team

  • The important of effective cross functional teamwork.
  • Effective cross functional teamwork starts from communication.
  • What is effective communication?

Effective Cross Functional Team Principles

  • Understand People Performance Development Model (C-A-R Model).
  • Identify real root causes of ineffective team communication using C-A-R Model.
  • Understand mis-communication factors.
    • Different goals and strategies
    • Different point of views
    • Different personal values

Create Effective Team by Solving Mis-Communication factors

  • Understand others goals, other point of views, other styles.
  • Set common goals and how to achieve.