Performance Sprint: Speed up team performance through communication is the workshop that enables you to get work done easily and fast. The right communication makes your team happy and fosters a productive working atmosphere.
SPRINT Mindset:
Understand crucial mindset for Leader to perform extraordinary communication which expedites team performance ingeniously.

Create Passionate Goals:
Learn how to communicate a crystal-clear goal and inspire team members to engage passionately with their goal.

Conduct Performance Scale Up Sessions:
Align team performance with goals consistently and learn how to conduct the one-on-one enhancing dialogue to boost up team performance.

Lead Move Forward Team Meetings:
Manage and facilitate every type of team discussion effectively - regular team meeting, brainstorming, decision-making meeting - in order to get tangible outputs and quicken the pace of progress toward to the goal.
Workshop & Role Play
This workshop shows you how the Sprint mindset utilizes the most effective communication. You will learn to articulate your team’s goals, inspire a high performance and create a positive working relationship based on vibrant interaction and listening. Equipped with the essential tools, techniques and skills, you will become a leader who can build your communication at all levels.
Manager / Team Leader / New Manager 
2 Days 
Tuesday - Wednesday

November 19-20, 2019
9:00  AM - 4:30 PM
สถานที่       The Landmark Bangkok Sukhumvit Rd. BTS Nana (E3)