Organizations must win the battle when facing a business crisis or change. Aside from leadership, your leader must be able to "FORM" their team, even if it is a cross-functional team, in order to handle both circumstances and unforeseen changes. This squad will assist the organization in problem solving, decision making, innovation creation, and so on.

  • Team Squad Forming up: To build an effective team squad (or cross-functional squad) for business outcomes.
  • Strategic Team Approach: To increase efficiency, develop interconnected strategic teams.
  • Working Team Appoach: To improve relationships and cooperation among top executives.

Team Squad To Win

  • Understand important of effective team squad for business result
  • Key Components of Team Squad
    • Working Together
    • Working For Strategy
  • Essential Skills for Team Squad : effective cross functional communication

Develop Team Working Together

  • Understand important of effective team squad for business result
  • Setting Working Rules (Mindset & Behaviors).
  • Setting Working Process in four essential dimensions.

Develop Team Working for Strategy

  • Setting contribution for individual Roles
  • Re-check team and individual performance for improvement.
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