Why Important?

Employee development is a great responsibility of leaders. Coaching is future-oriented. It focuses on individual growth and development. It is a series of purposeful conversations which enable an individual to move towards his or her goals. Coaching typically involves some form of behavior change.
The Benefits of This Program:
  • Leadership Mindset: Be a trusted leader by doing the right things & attracting others to follow you willingly.
  • Coaching Mindset: Support, Motivate, and inspire others to engage in achieving those objectives.
  • Coaching Skills: Capable of coaching can help with strategic behavioral change.

Program Framework

Develop leader to become a coach with strong mindsets & skills and provide practical coaching process (T.R.U.S.T.)

The art of coaching

  • What is coaching and how coaching works?
  • Understanding the foundation of coaching (Human Performance Model : C-A-R Model).
  • Understanding Coach’s Key Components.

Self-development to be a trusted leader

  • How to be a Trusted Leader?
  • Understanding yourself (participant’s self-awareness).
  • Understanding leadership principles.
  • Building leadership principles in mind.

Attitude of being a coach

  • Mindset for effective coaching ; Helpful, Respectful, Patient, Observant, Empowering.

T.R.U.S.T. coaching process

T = Target in Specific Behavior
R = Reality (Specific Behavior)
U = Underlying Causes of Behavior
S = Solutions for Solving Problem
T = Tracking for action

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