Why Important?

The “PerformanceMax” workshop will guide your leaders to boosting organization’s performance through coaching techniques. Leader will understand how to combination of management result

  • Removing unnecessary activities from a company’s daily operation
  • Providing your managers with the right authority and resources to make the right decision
  • PerformanceMax also helps your company become more adaptable in both strategy execution and people management to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

Performance Max Foundation

  • Key factors that drive performance of a team.

Being a Trusted Leader

  • Assessing & Building leadership principles in mind.

Key Results

  • Understand organization objectives and key results.
  • Understand how to set powerful key results.


  • Understand strategic behaviors : key success factor to achieve goal.
  • Finding strategic behaviors.
  • Set up strategic plan & inspire team.


  • Understand coaching; the tools tool for building performance
  • Understanding Leadership Performance (human performance model : C-A-R Model).
  • Learn how to be a great coach


  • Team performance monitoring systems
  • Performance Feedback For Development
  • Learn how to Track – Prepare – Conduct feedback for develop performance
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