Why Important?

Being a manager does not imply that you are a leader. You must be a "Trusted Leader" in order to gain the trust of your team. This program will assist you in understanding the proper mindsets for being a great leader as well as knowing how to express the appropriate behaviors in each situation. Furthermore, it provides essential skills for managing your team to achieve goals
Benefits of this program: 
  • Leadership Mindset:  Be a trusted leader by doing the right things & attracting others to follow you willingly.
  • People Management: Motivate and inspire others to participate in achieving those objectives & goals.
  • Team Development: Lead the team to success. and keep team performance up.
Develop leadership from the roots up by cultivating the right mindsets and three essential leadership skills: direction, motivation, and teamwork.

The Dimension of Leadership

  • Understanding leadership definitions and leadership styles.
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management.
  • Understanding Leadership Performance (human performance model : C-A-R Model).

Being a Trusted Leader

  • Assessing your leadership to build self awareness(Identify your Personal Values and Leadership Behaviors).
  • Building leadership principles in mind.

The Effective Communication

  • Understanding why communication fails?
  • Improving communication skills to make team clearly understand your visions, goals, and directions and to build trust in your team.

Building Motivation

  • Understanding Motivational Factors.
  • How to give constructive feedbacks (both positive and negative)?

The Effective Teamwork

  • Sustaining team performance by understanding, thinking positively and acting positively.
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