Because business change is fast and radical, organizations must be willing to transform by letting go of their current state and simply building on it in order to become a better version of themselves. To truly achieve Transformation, all of the underlying elements of the organization, including direction, technology, culture, processes, operating rules, and so on, must be addressed accurately.

  • Leadership Mindset in Uncertain World: Prepare the right mindsets to lead people in rapid change
  • Strategic Thinking to Handle Challenges: To handle high impact situation by providing direction to the people
  • Leadership Skills in Uncertain World:  To create process, and manage team toward change situation.

Why organization must transform

  • VUCA / BANI World that impact organization
  • Key essential factors change
  • What causes transformations to fail?

What is Transformation Leadership?

  • Understand transformation leadership and why
    • Transformational leadership characteristic
    • Transformational leadership Mindset
  • How to apply the new normal mindsets in daily operations and sustain the new mindset

Organization Transformation Framework

  • New Trends: Analyzing & Setting up strategy to create better customer experience
  • Process: How to design new process in working.
  • Management: Management techniques & new roles of people management.
  • Inspiration: Inspiring communication & coaching skills to achieve goals.
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